Mayfield & Penthouse Carpets

The Penthouse and Mayfield collection of high-quality carpets at very realistic prices. Wool Twist Carpet and Stain Resistant carpet ranges in an absolute spectrum of colours.

Buying a Penthouse Carpet means buying a wool carpet of true quality. The sort of quality that comes when the people who make your carpet really care.

Wool Ranges

  • Carlton – Subtly heathered and flecked for a relaxed appearance
  • Colorado – Available in 18 gorgeous contemporary whisper soft tones.
  • Cumbrian Twist – A collection of rich, densely-crafted carpets
  • Esprit Nouveau – A deep, dense carpet for true luxury
  • New Pentwist – A beautiful and hardworking carpet
  • Prism – Rich shades with subtle flecking
  • Quartz – Subtle shades for understated luxury
  • Shoreline – Exquisite tones for a restful home
  • Springtime – natural beauty with the finest undyed wool
  • Stateside – Stylish simplicity with incredible comfort
  • Super Maxim – Classic good looks with exceptional durability
  • Vermont – Rich, textured tones with incredible durability
  • Wentworth – For rich elegance and sophistication

Synthetic Ranges

  • Elation – Elegant looks and incredible practicality.
  • Paradise – Available in 10 soft contemporary dreamy tones.
  • Performance – Hardwearing and easy-care with good looks.
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