Avenue Vinyl Flooring

Avenue floors celebrate the very best in interior style. From classic looks to the latest in contemporary cool, there is an Avenue floor to suit every sense of style.

Avenues Vinyl flloring options include:

Ultimate Timber PU
The majesty and natural creativity of wood can be found in the Ultimate Timber PU collection, bringing your home warmth, comfort and durability.

Titanium XT
Making performance beautiful for work and living spaces, Titanium XT brings added durability for the busiest of spaces without compromising style.

Ultimate Expressions
This diverse collection encourages you to express yourself with the ultimate in trend-focused design and impressive performance.

Ultimate Style
For on-trend floors that make your home a more stylish place to be, look no further than Ultimate Style and its range of wood and stone finishes.

Bubblegum & Liquorice
Express your creativity and explore your fun side with the Bubblegum & Liquorice collection of high-impact vinyl flooring.

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