Being one of the leading producers of vinyl floors, Beauflor® offers an extensive collection of high-quality cushion vinyl rolls.

Residential Vinyl Rolls

If you are looking for a seamless and beautiful vinyl floor that can be installed anywhere in your home, the Beauflor® vinyl rolls floors are the right option for you.

Check out their three ranges: Tex, Power & Comfort

ViPro – Vinyl Floors for Professionals

ViPro is the high performance Vinyl flooring from Beauflor® – designed exclusively for contract and commercial use.

There are 10 Ranges in the Collection.

Digitally Printed Vinyl Rolls

With traditional printing techniques you always have a visible repeat in the pattern which can be perceived as artificial, whereas with digital you can truly imitate the continuous patterns you can obtain with modular floors such as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Planks), laminate or parquet.

Discover our Two revolutionary new approaches to design, in vinyl floor coverings. Collections include Skyline, Moonlight.

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Images Coming Soon

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